Finding a friend in life

Is a joyous occasion.

It is a joyous occasion because

We have not just made a

Friend but that means

Someone else found a friend

And that will mean that two less

People will be lonely in life.

Having a friend and having an

Animal is always good because

You can always get your friend’s advice

And with an animal you can relieve stress.

A friend can always lead you out of the

Darkness and into the light.

So let’s not be sad and have no friends but

Be happy and surround ourselves with friends and animals.

Friend, don’t torture yourself because

You don’t have many friends or animals because the

Fear that you may have now will soon die and

You will be so much happier because you have found a

Friend and found a pet that will relieve some stress

That you may be feeling. Don’t worry because

Everyone has a little rain that falls sometime

In their lives.

Poem By: Crystal Stewart(2017)


6 thoughts on “FRIENDSHIP

  1. This is really beautiful. But it won’t be included until you put the hashtag on it. Just go to the settings on this post again, write down #nerdypoet on the “tags” and update it again. So it’s be easier for us to find your challenge poems☺.
    If you need further help….this is my email ID… 🌸

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  2. Really nice things are pouring down for me but I have my faithful companion Spike I couldn’t cope coming back from hospital every day if Spike wasn’t there for me.x🐾🐾🐾🐾😻💜

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