Pets and antifreeze

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Today we’ve got some important tips for you all from Andrew Bucher, Chief Veterinary Officer, MedicAnimal:

Pets and antifreeze

Let’s face it, most pets dislike the cold weather. Whether it’s freezing, windy or wet, it’s not a pleasant experience for pets or their owners!

However, severe cold weather adds another problem that many owners simply do not think about – antifreeze. It’s important for many motorists heading to work and additionally for gardeners who wish to keep fountains frost free. What they may be unaware of is that chemicals in antifreeze can prove lethal to pets.

Firstly, antifreeze is typically 95 per cent ethylene glycol (EG) and diluted 1:2 or 1:3 with water when added to the car’s radiator or washer fluid container. The real problem relates to taste. Antifreeze, as well as car screen wash and brake fluid, are all very sweet tasting, meaning cats and…

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