Loopy Lola

Cute post and video.



This week Lola has been very kooky.


Oh, really? Well, I have been taking some pictures of your “moments” of the week:

Ok, so first off we have some pictures of you on the halfwall. What was that all about?

Well, I don’t know. I think that is just something every cat has to interperet himself.

So, um, what is happening here?

dsc_0188_Well, this one is quite interesting actually. I had an itch on the back of my head and I was scratching it on the pointy corner of the halfwall as I saw a weird splodge of something on the ceiling, explaining my odd face expression. And just for the record, the splodge turned out to be just a shadow… 

I see.

What’s going on here then?

dsc_0194_Isn’t it obvious? I’m taking a selfie. Duh.

And what’s happening in this ending picture?

dsc_0193_I am taking…

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