Merry Blogmas Everyone: Day 10 – Don’t Forget To Elf Yourself

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Now that your doneย Christmasย shopping and hopefully stayed within your budget, It’s time toย Elf Yourself.ย What do I mean by don’t forget toย Elf Yourself?ย It means that when you’re done shopping for others and have money left over go buy yourself something to reward yourself or just because you deserve it. If you choose not to buy anything for yourself, you can always use the following ideas.

  1. Put The Extra Money In Your Checking And/Or Savings Account.
  2. Hide It Somewhere In Your House.
  3. Give The Excess Money Away.

I remember when I was working I would start myย Christmasย shopping inย Januaryย and have it completed byย October. Now I start later likeย Julyย and finish by the middle ofย December.ย ย A Big difference I know. At the end of the post I’m adding a contact form so you can let me know when you start yourย Christmasย shopping and finish it. You can leave it in the comment section too.

Happyย Christmasย shopping and don’t forget toย Elf yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Merry Blogmas Everyone: Day 10 – Don’t Forget To Elf Yourself

    1. Not to bad. Are you done? I sorta am. Just waiting for orders to come in. I sent some Christmas presents early since they were perishable foods. Everyone else will get theirs later. Got a few gifts in July, October and finished up this November. Did you buy anything for yourself? I sorta did.


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